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What a fantastic course! The teaching practices are an incredibly valuable experience. Seeing those faces light up is well worth the effort. I now feel extremely prepared to go out into the "real world" and begin my teaching career.-

Todd Cordy (Australia)

About TEFL Course in Indonesia
TEFL TESOL Certification Course in Indonesia, TEFL Indonesia Course in Indonesia

TEFL Course Indonesia  - BaliBali, located in the westernmost part of Lesser Sunda Island, lying between Java in the east and Lombok in the west is a mesmerizing small island and home to 3,891,000 Indonesians. Most of Indonesia’s population is made up of Balinese Hindus and as such Bali is mostly inhabited by Hindus. Bali is one of the most sought after tourist spots and is known for its highly developed art, which includes dance, sculpture, painting, metalworking, as well as its leather work. It is the traveler’s favorite paradise and once you are there you would never want to leave. It is Indonesia’s most travel friendly island and the Balinese people welcome their guests with elation.

The TEFL Course, Bali is a four week which also includes the 120 hours of TESOL Course. It is an English learning course focusing on four distinct skills reading, writing, speaking and listening. The training centre is in the Lusa Beach Inn Resort Kuta, a beautiful resort close to Bali International Airport. The TESOL Course in Bali is run by the American TESOL Institute with utmost care and sincerity it is well equipped in all sorts of teaching facilities. The TESOL Course in Bali maintains a high standard of teachers who try to give their very best to their students.

Program Details of TEFL Indonesia Course
TEFL Indonesia Certification Course Details, TESOL Indonesia Certificate Course Details

The course contains a five part program:

Teaching technique: this includes lesson planning, classroom management, teaching vocabulary and grammar, textbook review and evaluation, games and songs in classroom, teaching young learner as well as adults, warmers and modeling, controlled practice and many more. The techniques used while teaching is vast and is useful for learning efficiently.

Language awareness: this part of the course focuses mainly on phonetics. Correct pronunciation of English words is vital part of learning a language and the TEFL course makes sure that you get these parts done just right. Another important part is grammar. Parts of speech are given special attention and learning how to construct grammatically correct sentences is of equal importance.

Teaching practice and observation: this part is of utmost importance. The trainees studying there are regularly evaluated about their standing in the course.

Materials project: the trainees are required to produce two sets of self produced projects to their respective trainers. The trainees can use class room notes, internet or flash cards for the same.

Assignments: Trainees have to submit two written sets of assignments to the trainers. This is the most important part of the test without which the course cannot be complete.

Accommodation during TEFL Indonesia Course
TEFL Indonesia Certification Course Accommodation, TESOL Indonesia Certificate Course Accommodation Info

Bali is the ultimate island paradise and once you make it there you would never want to leave. Life in Bali is truly amazing and offers a wide variety of activities ranging from hiking to surfing. Kuta is one of the most frequent tourist destinations which attract a large number of tourists offering a variety of beautiful resorts for lodging. The hotel Lusa is one of the best that is available and is the one that is reserved for the students and teachers coming in for the TESOL Course. Although it was built in early 1970s the authorities make sure that it is well maintained and offer a large range of luxuries to its guests. Sitting underneath the cool shady coconut trees is quite relaxing while you listen to the swishing sound of the seas, which is truly mesmerizing. The hotel is situated at a distance of 15 mins from the Ngurah Rai – Bali International Airport and is a few minutes away from the beach, shopping areas, markets, banks, bars and restaurants.

The hotel has comfortable air conditioned rooms along with private bathrooms. TV and refrigerator are also available on request. Along with this other amenities like swimming pool, open air style restaurants that serve Chinese, Indonesian and European cuisine are also available for the trainees. Internet café is also available and accessible for a specific time period.

Activities during TEFL Indonesia Course
TEFL Indonesia Certification Course Activities, TESOL Indonesia Certificate Course Activities Info

The magic of Bali is something that you can’t escape and is the supreme gem of islands. While the trainees are there for the course it is definitely not the only thing to do there. There are a number of exotic places to visit where some of the must sees include the Barong Dance which is an hour long religious dance representing the conflict between good and evil. Mount Batur (Kintamani) is the next place to visit which is the second largest active volcano in Bali and also has a nice scenic crater lake there. You can also visit the three celuk (gold and silver), mas (wood carving) and stone carving villages where you can by handmade artifacts that are purely Indonesian in its essence. The Sebatu Holy Spring Temple, Taman Ayun, Tanah Lot, Uluwatu Temple, etc are some of the treasures of Bali. These temples have extraordinary sculptures and are beautiful to behold. There you will also find a spectacular floating temple called "Ulun Danu Temple" which is an absolutely interesting sight.

Bali has got everything for tourists to take a vocational course out there.
The weather at the lake is cool which serves as a welcome break from the normally hot temperature of Bali. Bali is a shopper’s dream destination where every thing that you buy is very cheap. The food is good and experimental. And for those who cannot go without their dancing shoes there are a number of nightclubs they can go to. Studying was never more fun. Kindergarten studying would also look pale in comparison to what they have to offer.

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